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Founded in 1996, Seahorse Entertainment is a film and television production company based in Atlantic Canada.


Seahorse Productions has produced over 130 television programs in a variety of genres from kids live action to history and biography to lifestyle, for broadcast in major markets around the world.


Seahorse Worldwide has represented an extensive library of television programs and feature films at all major world trade shows and sales events.


Since 2010, Seahorse Features has focused on creative development, writing and developing feature film projects with co-production partners across Canada and abroad.


Connecting Talent with Opportunity
Creativity is just about connecting things.

Steve Jobs had it right.

Whether it's connecting the right crew with the right creative, the right client with the right content, the right plotline with the right platform - creativity begins before a camera rolls, a contract is signed, a character conceived.

Creativity begins with seeing what needs to be done.

Connecting talent with opportunity. That's the creative force driving Seahorse Entertainment. Customs change. Content ebbs and flows with the tide of time and fashion. Program priorities emerge then fade like summer clouds. But the sea that floats the content, the sky that frames the programming remains.

The creative instinct. Seeing what needs to be done.

Steve Jobs had it right. And said it best.

Creativity is just about connecting things.

  • Years in operation.

  • Global broadcast partners.

  • Programs available for licencing.

  • Our commitment to excellence. At all times. On every production.


Larry LeClair

Larry LeClair is a veteran writer and producer with more than sixty credits as writer of broadcast programs and feature films, and nearly two hundred credits as producer and executive producer in a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres for film and television.


Highlights in Production, Distribution and Development